Pregnancy Relaxation Audio

Life is really busy most of the time, and when you are pregnant sometimes we can become even busier! Busier as we go to appointments and prepare for our birth, alongside working or looking after other children and everything else that we do.

This relaxation exercise has been written to help you take 15 minutes out of your routine, 15 minutes to help bring some peace and calm into your day. This mindfulness recording can help you by teaching your body to relax and mind to switch off, bringing you the opportunity to reduce anxiety and stress.

Learning how to do this, really helps when you are having a baby, as it encourages hormones that baby will enjoy. Often when you start to relax more, and the hormones begin to work you may experience baby moving around more in response. This encourages you to connect with your baby, encourages you to learn how to relax and learn some breathing techniques that will also benefit you in labour. I hope you enjoy listening and teaching yourself how to relax.

Zoe x

Click the play button to hear a 1-minute excerpt from
the recording.

Available for purchase from the studio or online.