3 Step Technique ‘Live & F2F’ Workshop With Mark Harris.

This technique is based in parts of NLP and is a very good stepping stone into gaining practical knowledge about the subconscious mind, and how this skill can used to help others. You can continue and get accredited under Mark’s training pathway.

Mark’s personal profession is Midwifery and is the main focus of his work. I have done this training myself and I am confident it is of benefit for all areas and levels of profession, interested in the subconscious, to gain understanding of its potential applications.

It’s a great opportunity to network with other professionals that have similar crossover areas.

The Cost is £200, which is very good for this live workshop.

This is taken from the BA website:

We run the BA 3 step process training across the country, including London, the north of England and Scotland. All the training is conducted by Mark Harris Midwife, NLP Trainer. This is a two-day training live on zoom (10am-3pm), you will need to do some pre learning (3-5 hours) before attending the live training. This workshop is suitable for all pregnancy and birth workers, including midwives, doctors, health visitors, psychotherapists, hypnobirthing instructors, doulas, and more.

Two days – Dates at top. Each day will start at 10am and finish at roughly 4pm.

Prereading & Training material will be sent to you when. This assists the first day and helps reinforces the training.

The studio will be open from 9.15am and we have kitchen facilities to get a drink. I will also supply the mandated biscuits!

Links to Mark’s website are below so you can see more of what he does.