Meet the Hereford Team

Meet our amazing team at The Real Birth Studio Hereford! Everyone has different strengths and expertise which we bring together to support you in your pregnancy and the postnatal period.

If you have any questions about courses, classes, workshops or anything else, please contact us on 07543 165665.

Zoe Wright

Founder of The Real Birth Company and The Real Birth Studio

​With 11 years of midwifery experience, being a Hypnobirthing and birth trauma resolution practitioner, I am here to offer support and guidance in these very special months and weeks leading up to the birth of your baby.

I am the founder of The Real Birth Programme ©, this programme has been written for mums and birthing partners, to give you information that truly helps you understand your body in labour. With this understanding you will feel more confident about the natural stages of birth. This confidence in your body can allow you to feel more in control, this control helps you feel more relaxed, being more relaxed helps you birth more comfortably and often quicker.

Being a mum of three I can remember clearly, especially with my first baby, the feelings and thoughts I had around giving birth. I understand that everyone has their own thoughts and ideas on giving birth and we want to support your choices without judgement. Alongside running the Real Birth Studio and training other health professionals, I offer antenatal classes to suit all needs, from group sessions to one to one.

​At the studio it is our goal is to help you have a positive pregnancy and birth experience. To give you tools for pregnancy and labour that do work and to help you feel more confident in achieving the pregnancy and birth you’d like.

Leah Gallagher

Lactation Consultant

I have been working in Breastfeeding since 2007 and first qualified as a Lactation Consultant in 2009. Initially I worked with teenage mothers and in areas where rates of breastfeeding were very low. I very quickly saw how although breastfeeding is completely natural, it doesn’t always come easily and that it is vital to provide women with support at this time in their lives. If women get the support, they need they will be able to breastfeed their babies as long as they wish giving their children lifelong health benefits. I love my work and it never stops being anything other than fascinating and rewarding.

Rachel Wood

Aromatherapy consultant

Hello I am Rew, I am a mother of three amazing little humans, and on my journey to becoming a mum. I became more and more interested in alternative medicines and alternative health to empower myself with the care of my babies, my animals, my friends and family. I have always been passionate about healing, happiness, connection and love.

I run Rew’s Apothecary a small business committed to teaching and empowering others with their health and their families health. I feel privileged to be able to share these magical oils with all the wonderful people in my life, new and old friends. Twice monthly I will be bringing these oils to the real birth studio and teaching you how to use them safely for your pregnancy, labour and when your baby arrives. For more ideas on how these oils can be used as part of your everyday life follow my Facebook page Rew’s Apothecary; where I regularly show how I am using the oils for myself, my family, and my animals.


Caroline Morris

Antenatal Teacher

Caroline Morris. A registered midwife with  32(!) years experience. Married to a local farmer, I have spent most of my career working as a community midwife in the north of this beautiful county. I have always been passionate about supporting women and their partners through the journey to parenthood. Helping them to understand the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Enabling them to prepare for his next stage in their lives. I have seen many changes and innovations during my career, but nothing is more important than giving women the knowledge and confidence to take control of their own birth.

Debb Linton

Pilates and Fitness instructor

Hi I am Debbs founder of Body Revival Fitness. I am a pilates and fitness instructor who specialises in Antenatal and Postnatal exercise. I qualified as an instructor and personal trainer in 2012 and have a range of experience from working 1:1 offering personal training packages to instructing fitness classes.

I am excited to be working with The Real Birth Studio as I am passionate about helping women to exercise safely throughout their pregnancies, to maintain core strength, stability and to help prepare the body for birth. Women’s bodies are so amazing being able to grow and deliver a baby and having had 2 children myself I understand how pregnancy can change your body. Supporting women with postnatal fitness is very close to my heart as I believe that we shouldn’t be aiming to ‘return’ to our prenatal body but rather embrace the new strengths we gain through pregnancy and adapt to improve our new physiques through exercise.

I love teaching Pilates as it is something that you can encompass into your every day life. The principles can not only help you in movement for exercise but also in any activity you do; from sitting correctly, to supporting lifting and playing with your children. We focus on how to help your body through strengthening your core muscles, including your pelvic floor, which is key to keep functional and strong through pregnancy and beyond. I teach the use of breath to stabilise your body and drawing strength from the correct muscles as you move. If you would like to improve your balance, strengthen your core, help prepare your body for birth or retrain your body post pregnancy then Pilates would be beneficial for you.