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“The hypnobirthing course has been excellent we cannot rate it highly enough. Zoe is so knowledgeable and has made me feel so reassured.”

“Very useful, would highly recommend. Great that we were able to rearrange a session that we couldn’t make – Thank you.”

“Really helpful and encouraging. Thank you!”

“Love coming here regardless of which course. So welcoming and relaxing.”

“An excellent introduction to birth and the care of a new born. We have learnt a huge amount and we will be back for the postnatal classes.”

“More information than we could have imagined! Feel more confident and relaxed following the course. Would 100% recommend!”

“An excellent course, really informative, useful and confidence building. For someone who felt incredibly anxious about the whole process this class has absolutely calmed that anxiety and made me feel confident and relaxed.”

“Love coming here regardless of which course, so welcoming and relaxing!”

“Great class size, easy to ask questions. Lovely lunch!”

“Really liked the small group, nice and relaxed. Feel much more confident now.”

“Brilliant. I’ve already read 20 books but still found this extremely helpful and informative. My husband has read nothing before today and learnt so much. Lovely teachers. Highly recommend.”

“Fundamentals covered very well. I feel confident that I can come away from this and safely take care of my child in any situation.”

“Absolutely amazing! I want to stay here forever.”

“Good space and also really good that Hereford now has this support thanks to Zoe.”

“Very useful and open minded.”

“Very informative classes, practical and positive. Great opportunity to meet others and gain knowledge.”

“Great opportunity to ask questions and very informative.”


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